Xlok Ultra is a robust and versatile, non-fragile panel glazing system glazed in 25mm structured polycarbonate with strong glass fibre internals.This heavy duty wide span system incorporates glazing bars joined by a carefully engineered I-beam and is ideal for mono or dual pitch glazing, Northlight replacement, covered walkways and canopies.


  • Spans up to 4.5m between supports and up to 9m as ridge glazing (with central support by others)
  • U value of 1.6W/m2K easily complies with Part L regulations
  • Design incorporates complete thermal break for excellent insulation properties, minimising heat loss and any risk of condensation or cold spots on internal surfaces
  • Achieves Class B non-fragility to ACR[M]001:2000
  • Extremely high loading performance, ideal for high snow or wind loads
  • Top hung vents can easily be included in the run length
  • Low profile glazing bars allow simple flashing completion
  • Xlok is available with top hung vents and in almost all cases it is possible to link these into any ventilation or sensor system in operation

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