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Mardome Ultra is the architecturally inspired Mardome in the newly redesigned next generation Mardomes. Mardome Ultra offers maximum security and stylish design with a sleek aluminium security frame concealing tamper-proof secret lock fixings. Providing excellent insulation, triple skin Mardome Ultra rooflights achieve a centre pane Ud-value of 1.8 W/m²K and a Ud-value which ranges from 1.25W/m²K for a 600x600mm dome to 1.51W/m²K for a 200x2400mm dome. Higher performance glazing options can further reduce the Ud-value to as low as 0.95W/m²K.

• New contemporary low rise profile and sleek stylish aluminium frame
• Maximum security with secret lock fixings concealed under security frame
• Saves energy with options to reduce the Ud-value to as low as 0.95W/m²K
• Unique glazing cassette in triple and quad skin domes, minimises the risk of condensation
• All power components are hidden for a streamlined lightwell
• Extensive options to satisfy requirements for acoustics, ventilation and light transmission
• For ease of installation the tapered kerb foot does not require timber fillets and an integral membrane clamp holds the roofing membrane or felt in place

Offering the widest possible flexibility, Mardome Ultra rooflights can be individually configured to the required size, in a range of glazing, ventilation and opening options, to satisfy your budget and application

Size and Shape

Available in standard sizes from 600x600mm up to 1800x1800mm with a choice of low rise dome or low rise pyramid shaped glazing units.


Glazed with Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate and available in double, triple and quad skin units depending on the level of thermal insulation required.
Additional glazing options include:

  • Double glazed glass inner glazing (standard or argon filled) - improved Ud-values, acoustics and aesthetics
  • 25mm structured polycarbonate inner glazing - improved thermal performance

Opening Options

  • Manual opening with extension pole
  • Powered opening
  • Powered opening with RF remote control handset
  • Powered opening with RF remote control handset and rain sensor
  • SV30 Smoke clearance / AOV unit opens to a nominal 30˚ (requires 24v system)
  • SV90 Smoke clearance / AOV unit opens to a nominal 90˚ (requires 24v system)
  • Access Hatch – Lockable from the inside, this gas strut assisted opening unit can be used to gain access to the roof, used in conjunction with a suitable ladder/other means of access (not supplied)


  • Trickle Vents (Manual) - Standard Spec
  • Automatic (Humidity Controlled) - Superior Spec

Direct Fix Kerb

Available with a direct fix kerb option for installation directly onto builders upstands.


  • Kerb adaptor allows standard sized domes to be fitted on non-standard size upstands
  • Timber kit for application of mastic asphalt roofing systems
  • Security grille
  • Telescopic opening poles (to a maximum extension of 3m)
  • Mardome GRP soaker available for metal clad roof applications

Acoustics Pack

The Acoustics Pack should be specified where a reduction in rain or external noise transmission is required (not available with ventilated or opening domes).

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