A frameless hinged, opening or fixed glass skylight. A rooflight often chosen for its architechtural style and clean looks. A glass roof offering a long term and high qualiity daylight solution. The P2000 Pyramid glass roof range enhances any building or skyline designed to acheive maximum sustained natural daylight. The clarity and longevity of glass ensures good light transmission throughout the life of the building, typically 50% more than plastics over its life cycle. The shape of the P2000 gives an excellent concentration of light and self cleaning characteristics with a stylish frameless design. Available in square or elongated configurations. Larger dimensions can be supplied as a bespoke glazing product, a bespoke bi-parting/sliding option is also available.

  • Maximum daylight - no internal framework
  • Frameless self-clean flushglaze design
  • High Thermal Performance
  • Downlighter as standard only on square fixed pyramids
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Simple installation.
  • Guaranteed long life clarity (subject to 3 month cleaning intervals)

  • Standard square size rang 600/900/1200/1500mm
  • Standard elongated size range standard width x 900/1200/1500/2000/2500mm
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Hinged option for square pyramids shaped pyramids (manual or electric)
  • Multiple facets available
  • Glass to suit application
  • Colours/finishes/glass specifications
  • 12 volt x 30w down-lighter to apex (concealed wiring)
  • Trickle ventilation

P2000 Pyramid Technical Data

Recommended minimum kerb height

150mm (to avoid invalidating roof guarantees)

Minimum kerb distance

75mm (100mm for Concealed hinge variants)

Recommended Pitch on kerb

0 degrees

Standard Glass specifications

28mm DGU: 6mm toughened outer, 16mm black silicone sealed spacer, 6mm low E coated toughened inner pane

Minimum square outer kerb size


Maximum sized square unit

1500mm x 1500mm

Oversized unit

Unit becomes elongated

Maximum elongated dimensions

1500mm x 2500mm, (2.4m sq.for manual hinged)

Extra options

All square P2000's come with low voltage downlighters. Hinged (manual/electric) units available on the standard sizes (extra cost if different sizes - see SP), Octagonal P2000.

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